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NSIA 2016 Winner – Azade Fotouhi

Work trip to Mindtree, Bangalore, India

Azade Fotouhi

Winner of IT Enabled Business Innovation Category 2016 Competition

I want to thank NASSCOM Australia and Mindtree Limited for giving me the wonderful opportunity I had to visit and experience the Mindtree Limited office in India for a week. (10th April-16th April) Everything was extremely well planned and organized by them. I also had the chance to take part in various meetings and different company sessions held. A brief description of my overall experience at Mindtree, Bangalore is as follows:

On the first day, I was warmly welcomed by Suchetha from the Human Resource department who was also in charge of planning the various meetings and sessions I would be involved in. She toured me around the Mindtree office buildings, which included phase one, phase two and phase three. I was also given an access card to myself to be able to enter the building securely as per my convenience. A spacious room was allotted to me during my one week stay where most of the one-on-one meetings took place. Also, Sophie and Smitha briefed me about the company’s history, organizational structure, various functional departments, the logic behind naming it Mindtree and what distinguished Mindtree from its competitors.

Indian Culture:
Another important person that I met was Deepa Krishna, who introduced me to the Indian culture and what made it so special. I learnt about India’s diversity in varied norms like the languages, food, culture, religion, festivals etc. and how they overcome these differences to stand together and celebrate as one nation.

People function:
The first meeting on the second day was the PF (People function) session held by Nisha where the organization of Mindtree and how new stakeholder’s are involved in the company was discussed. The presentation also informed me about the various facilities Mindtree provides and how it, as a company respects diversity especially in terms of nationality and gender and aims to promote a healthy and desirable working environment for its employees.

Employee Referral:
The following meeting was regarding the ER (Employee Referral). Employees in Mindtree may refer their friends for an open position in the company and may be entitle to a bonus for the same. The purpose of ER was to promote more reliable and trustworthy employees in the company.

One of the most important sessions that I had was the Mobility session conducted by the head of the Digital and Mobility section in Mindtree, Pranshu Jain. Mindtree has its clients from all over the world, however mainly from the United States and Western Europe. They also have significant business connections with Dubai, Singapore and Australia. Their mobility section comprises of two main components namely device engineering and enterprise mobility. I also got familiar with some of the Mindtree mobile applications and learnt that user experience was quintessential for all Mindtree products whereas safety and security issues were the major challenges faced by the developers.

Another session focused on integrity in Mindtree and how they abided by the rules and law followed by fair judgment and people’s opinion.

Big Data and Cloud:
Vinyak introduced me to the topic of Big data and how Mindtree considered both structured and unstructured data using different machine learning algorithms to solve the problems pertaining to big data. Data Analysis, managing it and then visualization were the major steps in the big data process. The connection between Big data and Cloud was also explained. Information on Cloud solutions for clients was shared by Mangala, a cloud practice lead at Mindtree. Some of these services included advertisement, analysis and building an infrastructure on cloud, governance and management. Azure and Amazon were the named to be the main cloud platforms for Mindtree.

Testing Practice:
This was a session was conducted by Siva during which he briefed me on various horizontal and vertical testing processes, automation of testing and different approaches used for this goal. pWatch and Mobiwatch were the main applications used for testing. Different testing like agility, ERP and ER&D are covered by Mindtree.

Bangalore city:
Bangalore as a city provided many interesting tourist spots to visit and experience, each of them being unique in their own way. It had a number of gardens, temples and historical monuments and I had the opportunity to visit some of them-

  • I visited one of the oldest and the most popular temples of Bangalore, “Bull temple”.The statue has been carved out of a single granite rock.
  •  I also visited a palace called “Bangalore Palace”, which was built in 1887 during the reign of Wodeyar Dynasty. The palace had an enchanting architecture.
  • “VidhanaSoudh” is one of the largest legislatures building in India. This marvelous building was built in 1956.
  • Next to VidhanaSoudha is “VikasaSoudha”, a stunning building worth seeing also called as ‘Sister of VidhanaSoudha.
  • Also, Bangalore had many shops displaying beautiful handicrafts and colorful Indian dresses. A majority of Bangalore handicrafts were also made of sandalwood.

To conclude, I would like to thank both NASSCOM Australia and Mindtree for having organized this trip for me. I would also like to thank Sameer and Sachi from NASSCOM and Sachata from Mindtree Bangalore for all their efforts to make this trip so memorable. Bangalore is an amazing colorful city with really nice and kind people. I had a really good stay in Bangalore and enjoyed each and every day. I have also gained a lot of invaluable knowledge about the functioning of Mindtree from this trip