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There are two categories:

IT Innovation and IT-enabled Business Innovation

Nominations can be from individual students or teams of existing student/s studying in either the under-graduate (Bachelors) or post-graduate (Masters or PhD) programs. The submission must be endorsed by the Head of the Department or Dean of the student’s University.

Both of the categories have the same criteria, namely Innovation, Performance and Potential. Nominees have to demonstrate that their innovation is unique, provides real user benefits and has great worldwide potential. The judges may confer as many or few awards as they agree meets these key criteria.


– Is it a Product or Process (or combination) – make sure to clarify this


– Design: What research was undertaken (if it is mobile on cloud specify how it is supported/hosted/security), Clarify what is unique

– Scalability: future potential

– Usability: Who will benefit from the technology, flow and usability


– Market: Who is the current market, where else might this be able to be applied

– Competition: current and future competition, local and global

– IP: Will this be patented, etc

– Risks: What are the risk to roll out your technology (e.g. Legislation